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Into how many pieces would you cut a snake?

When asking a direct question, the answer is very likely to be previously curbed by your interlocutor’s consciousness. He/She/It (Let’s call our subject of study Mr. AlwaysPerfectAnswerInMind) will say what he wants to say but maked up to take the shape of what you want to hear.

Are you a reliable person? Are you a hard working person? Are you a responsible person? Yes, I am. Yes I am. Yes I am.

Everybody seems to be perfect to the eyes of direct questions! And this is what I most hate of them: the studied answers! Why don’t ask indirect questions? Funny questions, surprising ones. Apparently no sense questions! Questions that give you the chance of extracting your own conclusions. Harmless questions that beg answers to be spontaneous. The kind of questions that shows authenticity, that reveal Mr. AlwaysPerfect as the thing he actually is: an imperfect human being. Because only imperfect things can aspire to be loved, and only things that can be loved can aspire to be human beings.

The Question is…

Into how many pieces would you cut a snake? And how? (more…)


A scientist in a shop

When buying a tool, the first thing I do is to check the price and think about the possible uses I would make of it. If I can’t find more than (let’s say) three uses it generally means that it is not worth buying it. Now let’s imagine that I am a researcher trying to turn my “best idea ever” into a renowned research project. Would I buy the Social Media Toolkit? I might use it…

…as an information source during the literature review process! When surfing the internet is easy to get info on relatively simple themes, but if you are looking for more specific information (from a more scientific perspective, for example) it is sometimes hard. The combination of a good search engine with social media would give me an even better search engine. That is, I could find some information and then, see who wrote it, who liked it, who used it before me. In short, I could find people who share my own interests in the same “depth”. These people would lead me directly to more interesting information, and that information to more people… Definitely I would be as a little ant climbing a tree. Once I found the trunk, all the leaves would be within my reach. (more…)

Never a pulley was so useful

I am not a good computer game player. I am rather the kind of person that gets stuck in each level for years and never finds the appropriate key on time to avoid the enemy bullets. I plead guilty to the following charges:

  • Run directly towards (and through) carnivorous plants and turtles in Super Mario Bros.
  • Get completely lost and shot my own team members without even noticing it in Counter-Strike.
  • Make car spins until death while driving along a straight road during the tutorial in The Godfather.
  • Send a villager through the forest and let the wolves bit her in The Age of Empires. Manage to rescue her on time and then, send her alone to the enemy village to build a granary where thirty soldiers shot her with arrows. Poor woman! She was a martyr!
  • Knock down people supporting me during a rally race while driving in the opposite direction in Death Rally. Put the car into reverse and run over their corpses.

But it doesn’t matter how many disasters I cause due to my confusion with the controls, how many times I send my game character to a certain death or how fast I get the game over display. I keep on playing new games from time to time.

Today I would like to recommend you one of my favorite games: Magic Pen, a very simple game with infinite possibilities. (more…)

A digital soft construction with boiled beans

As a place to start, I will recognise a fault which I suffer from. I am scared about things with more than 3 dimensions. That kind of things that you can’t draw on your mind when you close your eyes. And maybe this is the way I feel when thinking on my digital identity. It has so many dimensions or perspectives, that makes me feel restless. Let’s have a look…

I do construct my own digital identity based on my real identity. Does it mean that this digital identity is a high-fidelity picture of myself? Of course not! Unfortunately (or fortunately), some parts of my brain are cleverer than other ones, so I am perfectly able to lie to myself. Therefore, the digital identity which I create is completely influenced by my own subjectivity, the way I think I am.

And once I have the subjective picture of myself, what do I do? Do I share all the details? Of course not! I try to control, as far as possible, what information I am sharing and who I am sharing it with. (more…)