As a place to start, I will recognise a fault which I suffer from. I am scared about things with more than 3 dimensions. That kind of things that you can’t draw on your mind when you close your eyes. And maybe this is the way I feel when thinking on my digital identity. It has so many dimensions or perspectives, that makes me feel restless. Let’s have a look…

I do construct my own digital identity based on my real identity. Does it mean that this digital identity is a high-fidelity picture of myself? Of course not! Unfortunately (or fortunately), some parts of my brain are cleverer than other ones, so I am perfectly able to lie to myself. Therefore, the digital identity which I create is completely influenced by my own subjectivity, the way I think I am.

And once I have the subjective picture of myself, what do I do? Do I share all the details? Of course not! I try to control, as far as possible, what information I am sharing and who I am sharing it with.

I am not saying that I behave myself as a wary spy during the cold war, analyzing every single consequence before I click my mouse. But it is obvious that I can’t talk to my manager in the same way I’d do to my mum, and honestly, I can’t see the point of writing a comment in a Star Trek forum discussing whether I have my heart broken or not.. Every light has a right moment and place to shine.

To have a better control over the factors who and what, comes up my necessity of having a bipolar or multiple digital identity (my mate identity, my student identity, my professional identity, my living-in-England identity.. A lot of holograms to represent the same reality!

What about the other people? They construct my real identity based on my digital identity. This time is the others’ subjectivity which plays its role. They take the traces I have already spreaded all over the social media, and draw a picture of me, of what they perceive of me. So, depending on what traces they find and how they interpret them, the resultant picture could be really different from one case to another one.

Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Salvador Dalí)

Soft Construction with Boiled Beans (Salvador Dalí)

All I can say is that my digital identity is a really disconcerting puzzle with a lot of missing pieces. Maybe during this little travel by blog that I begin now, I could fill in some of the empty spaces (specially those related to my professional identity). I would feel really peaceful if I could close my eyes and have a clearer picture of my digital me!

“If I can’t picture it, I can’t understand it.” – Albert Einstein

If I can’t understand it, it is scary!

And before you associate the word rudeness with my newborn digital identity, I will introduce myself:

My name is María and I am a telecommunications engineer from Spain. I came to England one year ago, in a desperate attempt at learning English and living another culture, while deciding what to do with my life. Now, I am studying an MSc in Audio Production at Salford University, and the simple possibility of become an expert in the field of sound almost makes me cry of happiness. That’s me! A smiling person in a world that changes too fast!

Comments on: "A digital soft construction with boiled beans" (11)

  1. Quality Blog…!

  2. I like your blog. So peaceful! 🙂

  3. Sure with pac man you didn’t deal with any proble!
    AND I AM STILL PLAYING 8bite games.
    NOTHING to be ashamed for.
    see you later!

    • To be honest with you, Eleni, every time I play pacman I nearly have a heart attack! The way those phantoms corner you, that terrifying music when they are on your heels, the ambulance noise…it’s cruel! 😉

  4. Maria, this is an amazing post – you write beautifully and capture so many concerns that we have in relation to dealing with our multiple ‘selves’, and our many audiences. You might be interested in this post where I described my own worries… we have similar thoughts (no doubt shared by many others 😉

    • I have just read your post, Helen, and I am pleased to know that you have as well some of my concerns. It is sometimes so difficult to deal with your multiple you, isn’t it? And not necessarily for being a killer who has so much to conceal, but for having a certain sense of privacy or “not mixing” different aspects of your life that shouldn’t be mixed. Thanks for comment! 🙂

  5. Hi Maria,
    I loved your post. I see myself in so many aspects of it. The dimensions of one’s identity, the steps we take to ‘discipline’ it… the image we aspire to share of ourselves and the portrait other make of us. In the end the control we have over it is limited… but still can help us make sense of ourselves in this world of connections.

    It’s a great post. You convey your message in a very passionate way. Made me think about loads of things. Thanks for sharing 😉
    Good luck with your MSc… no doubt you will do fabulously

  6. […] hours of dedicated posting, searching and researching. Since we are made of more than one identity (Very good approach by my classmate María), everything can be used as a research method (meaning that research […]

  7. “Every light has a right moment and place to shine”

    For that quote alone I’m grateful I read this blog post. Loads more reasons I love it too though, fabulous work! You’ve expressed your thoughts on digital identity with powerful clarity and feeling, insightful yet familiar. I’m very much looking forward to reading more.

  8. 🙂 I am happy you all liked the post or the blog. Or if not liked, at least you all had something to say about it. So, thanks everybody for comment!

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